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Guestbook for Olgeir Andrésson
50.David Miller Ramsay(non-registered)
I love your work Olgeir so inspiring ,I am looking forward to coming to Iceland this Sunday .
I saw an exhibition of your work at the Blue Lagoon last week and couldn't tear myself away. Your work is absolutely breathtaking.
48.Martin Izzard(non-registered)
Hi Olie
Just back from Iceland and what lovely photos to complement this amazing place. Can you give me any hints on seeing the Northern Lights as we missed them on this trip. I have heard the North East area is more reliable than the south coast ?
Your images of Northern Lights are breathtaking. I had the occasion to see an aurora borealis only once, in Gaspesie, Quebec. I was awed.

Magnificent work. Thank you for sharing.
46.Sérgio Ramos (from Portugal)(non-registered)
Simply great! Amazing photos! The astetic of this photos are so delicate and so pure. Hope to visit soon Iceland and have the privilege to watch the aurora borealis and who knows, take some beautiful photos. Thanks