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Guestbook for Olgeir Andrésson
Olgeir, A friend of ours, Gerri Griswold is being very kind and helping my wife, Asia and myself plan our trip in Setember to Iceland. Gerri simply said, Olgeir is the best. Seeing your images, and your vision, Gerri is right! We are inspired.
innblásin. I had to try google translation.
South Iceland - such an amazing place on earth :)
Angela Chapman(non-registered)
Hi olgeir, just back from your beautiful country but alas the lights eluded us due to the huge snow storm. We would love to plan another trip, what costs are involved on your excursions please?
David Clarke(non-registered)
Seeing your photos makes me want to travel! You work is wonderful!
David Miller Ramsay(non-registered)
I love your work Olgeir so inspiring ,I am looking forward to coming to Iceland this Sunday .