I'm Olgeir Andrésson a native Icelander born 17 jan 1956 in Reykjavik.
Now live on the Reykjanes peninsular in the town of Reykjanesbaer.
I hope that you might take a moment to look at the examples of Northern Lights,
this eerily beautiful phenomenon that mankind has gazed upon in wonderment down the ages.
I have mainly concentrated on aurora capturing, which has become my trade mark and I am known for.
I´ve held private exhibitions and I've participated in and won competitions home and abroad.
Amongst prizes is the photographer of the year in the Danish Zoom Magazine. My work has been shown on Times Square in NY by Kodak.
Sincerely yours,
Olgeir Andresson


I offer day-tours: please contact: [email protected]

Olgeir Andresson

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email [email protected]